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  • Transfer anywhere, anytime after paid in full.
  • Receive in seconds.
  • Renew each year for $11.
  • Use immediately.
  • Gold Star customer support.
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Your domain name is your real estate on the web and you want your site to be the villa on the beachfront - easy to find, first-rate, safe, and friendly; not a moth-eaten shed in the slum part of town.

Just like in real estate, location is everything when it comes to the internet and .com addresses are the most prestigious property you can have.

Premium domains give your website a sense of authority, safety, and trust. It massively increases the value of your website, offer commanding competitive advantage, and considerably increase brand recognition.

The non-premium domains often signal weakness, generate less traffic, and are less search engine friendly - none of which you want to have.

With the large increase in value of .com domains over the last couple of decades, you can be confident that an asset like this presents a great investment and will most likely appreciate in time.

At Pheenix, we have spent years finding and selling the perfect domains. We've set the Gold standard for customer satisfaction and domain expertise, which makes us the perfect choice for you.

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A strong brand should have a premium domain.

There are virtually an infinite number of domains in the world. Over 99% of domains registered on the web are non-premium domains. They confuse the visitor, cheapen the brand, and signal weakness.

If you do business on the internet, your brand will need a great domain name that is easy to remember and will bring in lots of customers. These kinds of domains are called PREMIUM domains.

It's an asset!

Premium domains are business assets that increase brand recognition, convey industry authority, communicate a clear image, and much much more. You want a domain name that is unforgettable. And you accomplish this by having a premium domain that will stand out. Premium domains are unique, relevant, commanding, and trustful.

Due to their scarcity and demand, Premium domain names have historically increased in value.

High positions on Search engines.

Premium domains often rank higher on search engines, making your website more easily found by new customers.

It is no coincidence that 99% of premium domains end with the .com extension. The .com extension is so deeply embedded into the internet that today everyone pictures a website when they see the word '.com'. Since the beginnings of the internet in the late 20th century, the .com extension has been a prime indicator of popular, trustworthy, reliable, and safe websites. Having stood the test of time for more than 30 years, this TLD (top-level domain) is now a scarce resource on the Internet.

Most widely accepted.

Most browsers typically assume that a website you search ends with .com and most phones have a .com button on their keyboard. It is no coincidence that all Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. have a .com website and 94% of the top businesses in the world use a premium domain.

Final Words

It is quite simple. Premium domains are on the right side of the law of supply and demand. With the world becoming more connected, the internet has become the medium of choice for commerce. Unique, meaningful premium domains are becoming a rare commodity, so an opportunity to miss owning one could turn out to be a huge mistake.

They often say that 'you can't go into business without having a competitive edge' and that is exactly what a premium domain gives you.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will i get the domain?
You'll get the domain in seconds after completing your order.

Can I buy this domain somewhere else?
This domain is one-of-a-kind and is managed by Pheenix. It is only available exclusively through us. Buying through Pheenix gives you the peace of mind of a trusted and established domain seller with low prices and easy payment terms.

Can you hold the domain name for me?
The domain name is available on a first come first served basis. Once it is sold, it will no longer be available.
To help you buy the domain, we offer many easy payment plans to match your budget.





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fame.fr $10,350
famesearch.com $2,595
fame.net $2,400
famefm.com $1,500
famehorse.com $1,200
fameking.com $900
fame-mag.com $654
fame.info $555

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